Instructed by: Afshan Arif

Course Description

German Language Learning from the beginning. By finishing German A1 Level Course, you will be able to pass A1 exam by Goethe Institute. There is no materials required at all just your attention and study. The duration of German A1 level is of 8 weeks, five days a week, one and a half hour per lesson. Every lesson contains reading, speaking, listening and writing modules covered comprehensively. The course is structured systematically by lectures and training and we provide notes for all lessons. The grammar concepts and solid foundation of acquiring reading, speaking, listening and writing skills prepare each individual student with sound knowledge and preparation for A1 Goethe Institute exam , held every month. Successful completion of A1 Certificate course by (8 weeks) enhances your chances for obtaining Student Visa. Some universities require basic language proficiency and demand A1, A2 or B1, B2 courses for admission. Successful completion of A1 Certificate course (8 weeks) is a requirement for obtaining Spouse Visa. Anyone who like Germany and German or Anyone want to use German for some purposes (traveling, Education,..etc) you can find what you want here.

What are the requirements?

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • No prior knowledge needed. Simply follow the video lessons, repeat and practice.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Greetings and other expressions!
  • Introducing yourself!
  • Asking how someone is!
  • Transportation!
  • Taking a taxi!
  • Days of the week!
  • Numbers!
  • Shopping, food, furniture, household goods!
  • Speaking in cafes & restaurants, etc

What is the target audience?

  • If you aspire to study in Germany where private and free universities welcome students from all over the world, we highly recommend you to take this German language course!
  • School going students from age 13+ may enjoy learning German as a summer holidays activity!
  • People traveling to Germany!
Lecture 1
Introducing Yourself
Lecture 2
Information about the country and its people
Lecture 3
Important places in Germany and their information
Lecture 4
Speaking in cafes & restaurants, etc.
Lecture 5
Eating and Drinking
Lecture 6
Shopping in German
Lecture 7
Food and Drinking
Lecture 8
Furniture and Household Goods
Lecture 9
Lecture 10
Appointment Taking
Lecture 11
Time and Seasons
Lecture 12
City Map and Finding a Route
Lecture 13
Visiting New City
Lecture 14
Vacations and Holidays
Lecture 15
Clothing and Weather
Lecture 16
Body and Health
Lecture 17
Family Life
Lecture 18
Daily Routine
Lecture 19
Work and Hobbies
Lecture 20
Free Time Activities

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